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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5AM  NBC  August 12, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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look at what we can expect. >> a chilly start, in the 50s, not quite summer temperatures but we will be getting there. by 8:00, we'll be in the higher 50s from there things will be warming up as the day goes on. we'll be at 70s and 80s in some areas inland. the full forecast coming up in a bit. today could be a banner day for gay marriage in california. a judge is expected to rule on a stay. if he lifts it, gay marriages could begin immediately. christie smith is live in san francisco this morning where thousands of couples could say "i do" by as early as noon today. >> reporter: thousands is right. but i can tell you right now it's quiet here at san francisco's city hall except for a handful of reporters awaiting this big day. by noon today, judge vaughn walker is expected to decide whether to lift this ban that would effectively allow gay couples in california to get married once again. now, of course you'll recall that walker invalidated prop 8
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which was passed by california voters in 2008. this banned same-sex marriage in california. he struck it down as unconstitutional, a violation of gay californians civil rights. but then he put a stay on it which basically froze everything. all this happened just five months after the state supreme court legalized gay marriage. supporters of prop 8 argued that it was necessary to protect the traditional understanding of what marriage is. lawyers for the couples who chalgs prop 8 asked walk tore lift the stay. his decision is expected sometime between 9:00 and noon today. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> as i understand, let's say it comes down 10:00 this morning, by 10:01 they could start marrying, correct? >> that's our understanding of it, that all the agencies involved that would make marriage happen have been preparing for this. they know, and, of course, the gay couples know this more than anyone.
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and everyone is in place. everyone is ready for this. could be potentially a busy day. >> all right. i know they're ready. thanks for the update. >> same-sex couples are not the only ones making plans, we talked with phil ting who said his office will be ready if the stay is lifted. >> we have 150 volunteers, and we're ready to roll. we're excited. the entire city of san francisco is excited and happy to be allowing all loving couples the opportunity to be married, assuming the stay gets lifted. >> if judge walker does lift that stay, lawyers behind prop 8 will head directly to the 9th circuit court of appeals which happens to be in san francisco to ask for an emergency stay. supporters argue that the ban needs to remain in place to safe guard the traditional meaning of marriage and encourage responsible child bearing. they point out the judge is going against the will of voters who passed that ban in november
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of 2008. if the supreme court eventually takes up that issue, they could rule within the next two years. coming up, we'll hear from two married women who want to see other couples have the same opportunity they had. we'll talk to them live in about ten minutes. of course, we want to hear what you have to say about this issue. you can go to nbc bay area morning news page on facebook and leave comments. today the contra costa county sheriffs department will release a new sketch of a suspect. the first attack happened in late january, the latest happened just tuesday. that's when a 25-year-old woman said she woke up with the suspect covering her mouth trying to smother her. she said she sprayed pepper spray in his face and he eventually ran away. south bay muslim community can move forward with plans to build a minaret. the planning commission gave approval last night. a resident complained that
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564-foot prayer tower at the mosque would be an eyesore and out of character with the neighborhood. but the commission said there is no legal reason to halt the construction. it will be a crowded field of candidates running for mayor of oakland come november. 13 people are vying to succeed mayor ron dellums. the biggest names are these, done perata, and oakland city council members, jean quan and rebecca kaplan. this november oakland will use a rank choice system for the mayor's race for the first time in the city's history. that means instead of just voting for one person for office, voters can rank their top three choices. if no candidate gets 50% of the vote in the first count there will be an instant run-off. there are big worries about the economy this week, and scott mcgrew says everybody is realizing this is a mess. they said it will take a while, but until you listen to it, sometimes it don't sink in. >> it's starting to sink in.
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it started tuesday with the fed which said it changed its mind about the speed of the recovery. then traders on wall street were convinced. the dow fell more than 200 points in heavy trading wednesday. we expect a rough start today. we get the weekly jobless numbers at 5:30 our time. then the markets will be digesting the financial reports from bellwether cisco. the company said it is getting mixed signals about the economy. why do you care? cisco equipment is sold to all kinds of companies if companies buying all kinds of stuff, it's a sign of a wider problem. cisco said in a conference call that it hired 2,000 workers just in the last three months, and it would add an additional 3,000 in the next few. do keep in mind, while cisco is san jose's largest company, it is also worldwide. those 3,000 jobs may not all be in north san jose. they could be in denmark for all we know. still good news.
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a group of big wave surfers wants to take back control of the maverick surf contest. right now the contest is run by a group called maverick surf ventures incorporated. this is video from february when a wave injured a lot of spectators. the surfers say the group that's now in control steered the contest off course and into commercialism and they plan to apply for their own permit from san mateo county and stage a toned down event. mavericks is held off the coast of half moon bay between november and february when the conditions in the waves are just right. those popular bounce houses that kids love so much could be dangerous and maybe not for the reason you might think. the state attorney general and the center for environmental health or the ceh says bounce houses pose a lead hazard. ceh found that some of the vinyl that makes up the houses have levels as much as 70% higher than what federal regulations allow. >> when kid s play in there and
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they get the lead on their hands or on their face, then if it's at a party, and they go and have the cake and eating part of the party, then it's easy for them to transfer that lead into their mouth. >> lead effects brain development in children. ceh and the attorney general filed lawsuits against several manufacturers and distributors hoping legal action will force them to immediately start using vinyl that doesn't contain lead. to reduce exposure, experts suggest that you get your kids to wash their hands after they jump around, faces, too, and if you can change their clothes. we have the latest numbers from the bay area cell phone crackdown that has been under way this week. overall, about half of some 900 citations were issued tuesday to drivers illegally using their cell phones while behind the wheel. more than 440 of those were issued in santa clara county alone, six drivers ended up being arrested. the next hands-free crackdown will be august 18th. caltrans is warning without a state budget in place most of its project also come to a stop.
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leaders with the transportation agency announced if there is no budget by september they may not have enough money to pay contractors, meaning they would have to suspend work. new contracts would be delayed until caltrans can pay crews. there are currently $9.5 billion worth of projects under way, but another $1.5 billion in projects could be on hold. there are a few projects under way even this morning. one of them is in the south bay and mike inouye has the latest on the morning commute. >> i depend on your live update every morning, brent. the construction zone were talking about, 101 past tully, seeing some slowing. 7 miles per hour that may be a misread on the sensor, but general slowing, extended cones through the area and a lot of trucks. they may be moving. a couple other construction zones picked up on northbound
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101, the off-ramp from 280 at 10th ramp closed, and montague expressway from southbound 680 still closed. the treasure island off of the lower deck blocked by debris from an earlier accident. another five to ten minutes for that to clear. back to you. >> right where your 7 miles per hour marker was is where most of the activity was. it is possible they are pulling up right now. >> there you have it from the anchor. >> people taking pictures, brent was here. >> erecting some kind of a monument right now. >> make shift memorial. >> i'm not dead yet. >> makeshift monument. nice? >> it could be an ice sculpture t might last for a little bit. >> we have cool winds this morning, fog and low clouds. nothing different than what we have seen the last week or so.
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things will be changing. there's a promise in store that things will be warming up a bit today. by the weekend finally getting to summer time temperatures. at least the 90s in some areas. right now things have cooled off in the last hour by a degree or two. 52 in san mateo. 56 in oakland. things will be warming up as the day goes on. it's only a temperature change of two to three degrees, a bit lower than this time yesterday, but it will be perking up as the day goes on. 8:00 we'll be in the mid 50s. things will warm up by lunch time, mainly the mid 60s around the bay. getting into the 70s here in the south bay as well as the east bay, and looking at the 80s or so come 4:00. more on your seven-day forecast in a bit. time is 5:10. in just a few hours a judge will announce whether or not same-sex marriages can resume across the state. we will talk to a couple that are hoping others can marry as
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they did coming up next. ♪ >> yes, that voice is coming from that little girl. and she is turning heads on tv. see the latest reality tv singing star coming up. >> there is no way that's a 10-year-old voice. amazing. home foreclosure reports come out this morning. we'll find out what they're expected to say coming up. helps. cortizone-10 -- feel the heal.
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take a live look at san jose, if you are getting ready to get dressed today in the south bay, belieleave the sweat home. we'll get your forecast and traffic situation in a few minutes. judge vaughn walker will announce today if same-sex marriages can get started in california. a lot of people are awaiting that ruling. teresa rowe and her partner hope to get married later on this morning. good morning. thanks for coming. >> good morning. >> talk to me, you guys are not married yet but you hope to be, maybe even as early as noon today. >> correct. >> yeah, that's the hope. >> so, what have you done in preparation? i know we're all waiting to see if judge walker will lift this stay. have you had to kind of get some paperwork in order and ready to
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go so that if he says, yes, gay marriages can begin, you can get married right away? >> yes. we have the paperwork filled out. it's in the car, ready to go. we are dressed for the occasion, have an extra change of clothes in the car. we are hopeful, cautiously optimistic. >> people will remember that a few years back gay marriages were allowed in california until that got overturned. were you planning to get married back then or why did you not do it back then? >> there were a lot of circumstances why we didn't get married at that time. most of which involving circumstances not allowing us time to plan a wedding. this time, we're going to have a marriage and then the wedding later. we will not waste another chance of it maybe getting overturned. >> what about the appeals process, that's still going on. people are concerned that if couples like you are allowed to marry today and another court rules that those shouldn't have taken place, they will
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invalidate the marriages. are you worried about that? >> i'm not too worried about that. we've set a precedence here with the 18,000 that remain married. we're not too married about that. i'm trying to be a glass half full person this morning. >> you're right. because in the past when they said we'll halt the marriages, at least the ones that already took place got to stand. there's the hope if that appeal process goes the other way, your marriage would stay as well. what would you say to other people who are trying to understand what couples like you go through right now? the waiting and the anticipation, the knowing, the not knowing. what is that like? how hard is that for you. >> i would say the only way i could put that into terms that they understood is think about the day that they were trying to get married or a day in the future they want to get married and what it would feel like not just to ask the prospective inlaws, but the entire state for
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permission. that's kind of what it feels like now. >> what has it been like for family and friends, people who know you guys want to be together that you're having to go through this? are you getting support? what are their thoughts and comments? >> we have incredibly supportive friends and family. friends with us today. text messaging with family all morning. the general consensus is get married now, celebrate with a wedding later. they are all ready to go and excited. >> i think given the circumstances, that's the best plan right now. appreciate your time this morning. good luck to you. we appreciate you got up this morning early and shared your perspective with us. >> great. thank you. >> we will have judge walker's decision, the moment that it comes down t could happen any time between 9:00 and noon this mornin morning. we'll have that right here on nbc bay area news. july home foreclosure
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numbers will be released this morning and the news is not good even if you're not in trouble. the number of homes lost to foreclosure surged in july as lenders took back almost 93,000 properties, up 9% from june. when you couple that with unemployment, more americans are beginning to worry that we have to the hit bottom yet. >> i think that a lot of people are a little bit nervous. they hear about the shadow inventory, which are all of the not yet foreclosed upon houses. >> july now marks the 8th month in a row that homes lost to foreclosures increased over last year. even if you're not facing foreclosure, having one on your block can make your house worth less. >> it's an ongoing issue in california. scott mcgrew says the bad economic news, we kept hearing about the foreclosures, layoffs, it's wearing on people. >> nbc got together with the "wall street journal" and conducted a poll to see how
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people feel about the economy. two-thirds think the economy is not getting better and those americans say it's getting worse. now, actual economic data does not support that. things are getting better, but the speed at which they're getting better is slowing down. that same poll also asked how americans feel about their leadership. that's grim, too. 48% of americans disapprove of the job that president obama is doing. 72%, kris and brent, disapprove of the job congress is doing. asked if they thought republicans or democrats ought to take control of congress in november, they were about evenly split which probably is a sign nobody knows what the right answer is, more than what political affiliation they belonged to. >> i don't think we needed to pay for that poll. being a financial reporter, you probably hear that all the time. >> i hear a great deal of it. the takeaway is people are more dour than the actual data shows the economy is doing.
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so people are not happy. >> it doesn't matter what signed of the aisle you're on. >> exactly. >> here is something that might cheer you up after all that doom and gloom. a 10-year-old girl from pennsylvania is the winner of "america's got talent" on nbc. she's an opera singer. and you have to see it to believe that voice is really her's. ♪ i will never sing again. jackie of pine township, pennsylvania stunned the judges. just left them agog tuesday night with her performance. in last night's results show she did advance to the semifinals. >> i was watching the other guy, he was like good-bye, game over. i'm out of here. the a's get a day off before moving on to minnesota on friday. last night mark ellis ripping a two-run double off the mariners, and that gave the a's a 4-0 lead
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in the fifth inning. braden putting on a nice job on the mound. the a's take that one, 5-1. giants wrapping up their series with the cubs. they'll do that today. game starts at 1:00 this afternoon. they did pick up a win last night and a new player from chica chicago. a home run by pat burrell was the game-winner. this one coming in the eighth. the giants take it 5-4. so, san francisco now two and a half games behind the first place san diego padres, and they could make up ground this weekend when they go head to head. you can watch the first game of that series here on nbc bay area, coverage starts at 7:00. it is 5:21 now. we want to check in with mike inouye and see how the commute is checking up. >> i told you guys about the accident on the lower deck of the bay bridge. the exit there was blocked by debris. that took about 45 minutes to
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clear, as they said, chp reports that has now cleared. travel over from san francisco getting off at yerba buena island, or the treasure island exit is clear now. the rest of the area looking nice out of the city. why would you go out of the city, because there's a midday game. a lot of folks will be going in towards san francisco. the giants playing today, expect more noontime traffic. keep that in mind. on the east bay, a nice, easy dry. speed sensors showing you pretty much the speed limb. a little slowing out of the caldecott tunnel. that bore work going on over on the side, that shouldn't be a problem for folks, but people may slow down to see that bore. oakland, 880 south of here, looking nice past the coliseum. a nice, easy drive. earlier accident cleared from the high street off-ramp. southbound side a little moisture in the air. despite this gloomy look, we
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have the forecast coming up in a second and she says summer is right around the corner. >> and when is a nickname more than a nickname? see how fne guy is going to make sure everybody calls him boomer the dog.
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. good morning, i'm in for rob mayeda, ria taormina here.
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we will get to warmer numbers, but not before we go through the drizzle this morning. by the weekend we will finally see 90s where we should, but not right now. 56 in oakland, 58 in san jose. as the day goes on, things will be warming up nicely. the air quality is great if there's any activities or things you want to do outside, get outside and enjoy. mid 50s up to the higher 50s at 8:00, by noon, for lunch time, you could probably go outside and enjoy a nice walk. still clouds out there. by 4:00 there will have been some clearing and things will be getting nicer as the day goes on. looking at the seven-day forecast, there will be warmer numbers in store. summer time temperatures will be back starting tomorrow afternoon, saturday and sunday, and maybe even back into the
5:27 am
90s. >> thanks. what's in a name? a lot according to a pittsburgh, pennsylvania man who wants to legally change his name to boomer the dog. gary matthews says it is something he has wanted his whole life and he already has all of the ingredients fit for a pup. he has the ears, the collar, he has a habit of begging and barking. the 44-year-old unemployed computer technician says he has even taken on the person that of a dog and wears his boomer custom all the time. if he goes on my lawn, i'm calling the cops. >> i wonder if he's spayed and neutered. 5:27 right now. dell releasing a new computer this morning. they say it will go head to head with the ipad. and the guys behind this rescue will be honored today. see who is recognizing them for what they did. >> same-sex marriages could resume as early as this morning. what a judge has to say and how that will effect things coming
5:28 am
up in a live report.
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. rescuers saved this woman from a raging creek, and today they get honored at the state capital. gay and lesbian couples across the state are waiting to find out if they will be allowed to marry again today. a judge's decision expected in a few hours. i'm christie smith, that story just ahead. >> thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez, in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. wanting to look at mike and the morning commute. >> an accident happened on the
5:31 am
commute direction, 580 in livermore. sounds like a minor accident. no injuries reported. westbound 580 at airway. i won't put it on the map unless i see a slowing or disturbance. a 14-minute drive coming through livermore. sunol, some folks might take 680 from the dublin interchange, a light flow of traffic here. ria, do you think the clouds will make it across the water today? >> they shouldn't, it should be clearing before they get that far. summer is hopefully around the corner. we've had colder temperatures, feeling more like january than august, but that's changing beginning today. right now still cool, in the low to mid 50s, things will be getting to the 70s and possibly 80s inland later on. more coming up in the full forecast. a big decision on gay marriage in california is expected later on this morning depending on what a judge says,
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thousands of couples could begin saying "i do" while others protest. christie smith is live this morning where the judge could be handing out the decision. that could come as early as 9:00 this morning. >> we are learning this decision is expected to be delivered electronically meaning a whole lot of people across the state will be checking their blackberries sometime after 9:00 this morning to see if judge vaughn walker lifted this stay, which would allow gay and lesbian couples to marry again or whether the ban will stay in place. now, last week, walker invalidated proposition 8 which was passed by california voters in 2008 and banned same-sex marriage in california. he did that and then he put a stay in place that basically froze everything. proponents of the ban are looking for a reversal of
5:33 am
walker's decision from the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals, while lawyers for the two couples that challenge proposition 8 have asked walk tore stwalker to stay. there are already couples out here at city hall, and we are told everything at city hall is in place to make those marriages happen if the ban is lifted. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thanks. so exactly who is judge vaughn walker? he was born in 1944, did his undergraduate work at michigan, and then graduated from stanford law in 1970. he was nominated to the federal bench by ronald reagan back in 1987, he ran into opposition from house democrats including nancy pelosi. he was renominated by george h.w. bush in 1989 and unanimously confirmed. in 1999 walker rejected a claim from the parents of a san
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leandro boy. they said their religious rights were violated by pro gay comments made by their son's teacher in the classroom. in 2005, walker agreed with the city of oakland and against two city employees who placed flyers against natural family marriage and family value. we want to know what you think about today's decision. go to nbc bay area morning news on your facebook page and leave comments there. we will have judge walker's decision the moment that it happens today. once again, it will be on tv and online at to an update on an important safety alert you will want to know about today the continuera costa county sheriff's department will release a new sketch of a sex assault suspect. the first attack happened in late january, the latest happened just tuesday. that's when a 25-year-old woman said she woke up with the suspect covering her mouth trying to smother her.
5:35 am
she said she sprayed pepper spray in his face, struggled and screamed. he eventually ran away. two bay area rescuers will be honored this morning for a daring rescue in a flooded walnut street canal. a car plunged in the canal and a woman was swept away. the pilot and sean boya were in the helicopter and made the rescue. boya made the rescue and swam her to shore. she was in cardiac arrest but did survive. they will get the award at the state capital in sacramento this morning. it was a daring and difficult rescue and they pulled it off beautifully me beautifully. >> you might think it's friday with all the gadgets coming out. >> you have the blackberry torch, then the dell tablet. dell has an answer to the ipad. you may recall dell had an
5:36 am
answer to the ipod, nobody can remember what that was called. faded away quickly. the guys from texas have another shot at apple here. here you see it, obviously it is much smaller, it's called the streak. really it's more of a giant phone. smaller than the ipad , it has phone built in. the droid 2 hits stores today. there are lots of drois phones, they use the google made android operating system, thus the name. the big thing to watch today is the markets. the dow closed 2.5% lower wednesday. general motors said it made money for the second quarter in a row. them making money is almost an astonishing sort of thing. $1.3 billion in the last quarter. things have begun to turn around for gm. >> i have noticed more gm vehicles. >> they have some great styling,
5:37 am
too. you have the chevy volt, it's not out yet, but we never thought of gm as cutting-edge. here they go. >> it's only been a few months. ac transit and drivers will work towards a new deal next friday. both sides say they believe a new agreement will come quickly. in the meantime, expect buses to be on time. ac transit has warned that drastic cutbacks could be coming depending on the terms of that new contract. caltrans is warning that without a state budget most of its projects will have to come to a grinding halt. leaders say if there is no budget by september, they may not have the money to pay contractors meaning they would have to suspend work. new contracts would be delayed until caltrans can pay crews. there are currently $9.5 billion worth of projects under way, but another $1.5 billion in projects are on hold. so we'll see what happens with the state budget. >> yeah.
5:38 am
well, your traffic and weather not on hold. we will start you out with mike inouye. >> on 880, we often see road repair, at the high street overpass, that often has reports of potholes so big, you can see the roadway beneath it. that's still in the budget hopefully. 880 moving smoothly. a lot more cars in the last ten minutes than over the last few hours. starting to pick up just before the 6:00 hour, coming through oakland. no major slowing through 880 approaching the bay bridge. the toll plaza, a steady flow there. picking up a few cars in all lanes here. no back-up, no metering lights yet. the lower deck, the off-ramp has cleared after that accident earlier. midday game, so more folks heading in towards san francisco for that game midday. >> all right. speaking of midday, will you need a fleece? >> w will start out chilly, but things will be warmingl up as te day goes on. hopefully you won't need your umbrella by that time. we may have needed that earlier. i skipped ahead here.
5:39 am
our temperatures now are a degree or two cooler or so than they were at this time yesterday, which right now we're basically in the mid to lower 50s. 54 in san francisco. we're at 59 here in san jose. and let's take a look at our winds. they are not much. barely a breeze. nothing too bad you have to workry about lowork work worry about. things will be picking up as the day goes on and temperatures warming up. 70s by 4:00, 80s in some areas. let's look at the seven-day forecast. pretty nice. summer time temperatures are coming back for the weekend. we will be in the 90s in some areas. we will finally feel like it's august. back to you guys. >> thanks, alot. it is 5:39 now. your chance to win a weekend wine country getaway is coming up. stick around to see today's secret word. and a bay area garden gets national recognition. this is a live look at it right
5:40 am
now. we will show you where this is coming up. >> and people have been getting laughs at the flight attendant whola bfze o ala bf oze glory. but there is a stressful side to work. we'll talk about that coming up.
5:41 am
5:42 am
frustration at work is a serious issue that many of us can relate to, and kristen dahlgren has a look at that growing anxiety. it's tough to be out of a job but also tough to go to work. >> reporter: it's something we all feel at some point, this workplace stress. three out of four americans say they feel stressed at work and
5:43 am
something the u.n. is calling a global epidemic. experts say it's the equivalent of having a 13th month in the year, the amount we work. work forces have gone down and work loads gone up. 60% of lost workdays are related to stress. about 70% of visits to a health care provider are related to stress. it is costing $200 billion a year to employers because of lost productivity, medical care. there are some signs you can look out for, things like changes in appetite, maybe taking more smoke breaks, not being with the rest of the group, sort of withdrawing, not being able to handle some of the pressures. so, those are things you can look out for. there are things you can do about it. one of the things experts say is exercise is good, take time off work and some laughter.
5:44 am
our friends in taiwan they did that famous tiger woods animation, they have done it again with steven slater. if you are wondering what it was like on that jetblue airplane, they are giving us a taste of what he had to say. take a look. >> what the [ bleep ]. what the [ bleep ]. there you go. something to laugh at this morning to cut some of the stress we are all feeling at work. back to you guys. >> certainly one of the more stressful jobs, dealing with grumpy passengers. >> amazing that can whip that up so fast. reporters are doing almost anything they can these days to get an interview with slater.
5:45 am
a "new york times" reporter got an interview in the elevator with him before, and asked if he thought about hitting that chute before. >> thought about it, but you never think you're going to do it. >> how did it happen? >> not everybody is touting slater as a working class hero. other passengers from that flight are coming forward and they say that slater was the one who was out of line and that he's not telling the truth about how he got the gash on his head. >> definitely before we took off in pittsbu pittsburgh, we saw s happened to the flight attendant. he had a mark on his head. >> two other passengers told police that gash was there before as well. slater has been relieved of duty while jetblue reviews what happened. here are today's wine country weekend secret words, in case you need to get away from work without blowing your top. write this down, sonoma canare.
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go to and search sonoma and enter the contest. the more words you enter, the better chances you have to win a prize package worth more than $2,000. i'm bumming because we're not eligible. >> it's awesome, a great event. >> the time is 5:46. you are watching nbc bay area news. we will check traffic and weather in a few minutes. today is an important day for gay couples across california. christie smith is live in san francisco at city hall where some marriages could take place if the judge gives the green light later on this morning. >> reporter: same-sex couples are here and ready to get married in san francisco, they have friends driving up from the central valley, trying to hurry up and get here just in case the judge lifts this ban. they want to get married in san
5:47 am
francisco as well. of course they want to see this stay lifted. but there's also a sense of urgency going on here that this window of opportunity could close again as the issue is appealed. u.s. district judge vaughn walker will rule today whether same-sex marriage can resume. last week, of course, he invalidated proposition 8, which was passed by voters in california in 2008, and that banned gay marriage. he put a stay in place that basically froze everything in place. today he could lift the stay or leave it in place, which would maintain the ban. now, supporters of prop 8 are seeking a reversal of walker's decision. that decision is expected to come down early today between 9:00 and noon. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> investigators are back on the scene of a plane crash in alaska that killed five people including former u.s. senator ted stevens. this morning four survivors are
5:48 am
still in the hospital with injuries they suffered in that crash. ntsb investigators are looking for clues as to what caused that small float plane to go down on monday. the plane was headed for a fishing lodge with stevens, three teenagers and their parents on board. >> no record at this time of any distress calls from the accident aircraft. and no emergency transmissions. >> when that group was overdue to arrive, private aircraft began a search and spotted the wreckage. there were four survivors, including former nasa administrator sean o'keefe and his son kevin. before a rescue team could get to them, the survivors had to spend a cold, wet night in the wreckage near the dead. right after the gulf oil spill, demand surged for booms, those flooding tubes of fabric, but now some of the companies that make the booms say bp left them drowning in red ink. an nbc news investigation shows dozen of boom businesses across
5:49 am
the country face losses ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. the companies say bp repeatedly changed the specifications and abruptly canceled orders when the oil began to stop flowing. >> integrity is everything in business. they're cheating you out of the money, as hard as that is to say. that's what they're doing. we've had to lay people off. i've had grown men in tears. >> bp says it is trying to work directly with the suppliers to resolve the problem and say they only canceled orders that did not meet quality standards. a teen from mississippi is not taking a normal simmer vacation. he is going to north korea today and not aiming small. 13-year-old jonathan lee wants to meet north korean leader kim jong-il. lee has an idea for a peace forest for the demilitarized zone between north and south korea. he already met with south korea's president, that happened when he was ten years old, they
5:50 am
talked about the forest then. pasadena's tournament of rose s may be the granddaddy of them all, but bob redell is at a rose garden that is getting an historic honor. >> san jose's rose garden was named america's best rose garden which is quite a feat when you consider where this garden was a few years ago look at this picture from the website run by the friends of the san jose rose garden. you can see what it used to look like. the roses were dying. this was in part because of cutbacks on city maintenance. what happened is the friends of san jose rose garden, led by this gentleman here, terry riley, came in, started volunteers. you brought it back to life. i guess the first thing is congratulations. >> thank you. it's a great honor to be america's best rose garden. we are have america's best
5:51 am
volunteers and america's best park staff that made this happen. >> what happened is the all-american rose selections, the non-profit for rose gardens held this competition, competed more than against 130 other gardeners, tens of thousands of people voted, they came out and looked at your garden. what do you think pushed it over the top? >> part of the community involvement and the partnership that our volunteers and organization has with the city, working together. that's really a model for all gardens across the united states for them to emulate. >> is it in the way that you are growing them? the type of soil? the way you're pruning the roses? >> it's basically all the above. we changed the method of pruning them, made sure the irrigation was working. you are putting in more organic fertilizers like dr. earth fertilizers, and growing the
5:52 am
award-winning roses, by doing so you get a garden like this. >> very nice. i can't wait for the sun to come up so we can get a better view. brent and laura, there you go. >> very cool honor. thanks, bob. people in the area know of that garden and know what a cool thing it is. to think about its origins, coming from weeds -- >> it's a cool volunteer opportunity, too. >> yeah. >> when is the last time we thought about dan quayle? you know, potato? >> a long time ago. >> do you realize someone who is born when dan quayle was vice president is legal drinking age? >> wow. >> that long? >> i know. >> his son is actually now running for political office in arizona. he wants to be a congressman. he has a tv commercial, it's gone viral on the internet after he called the president the
5:53 am
worst president ever. >> barack obama is the worst president in history. my generation will inherent a weakened country. drug cartels in mexico, tax cartels in d.c., what's happened to america? i love arizona. i was raised right. somebody has to go to washington and knock the hell out of the place place. >> my goodness. he's melodramatic. >> he walks off camera, goes to washington and starts busting heads, i guess. the latest in the fascinating political process, dan quayle's son will be competing with sarah palin and everyone else for your attention. >> we'll be watching for him. >> mike has our attention this morning. all mike right now. >> the south bay, construction
5:54 am
that will pick up in a few minutes. looking at the construction zone throughout the area, those will all pick up around 6:00 a.m. no major slowing, except this, northbound 101. coming up past tully and heading past the 680 interchange. i'm giving it a chance, because those construction vehicles should be cleared, then i will check on the sensors again. expect a little slowing, speeds down about 50 miles per hour. that sensor says 15, i don't think that's right, but there may be something going on under that interchange. we knows there is something going on in downtown jose, tonight, music in the park. keep that in mind. tonight there's a reggae field downtown and we will see ria's forecast in a few moments. westbound 580 showing slowing coming into livermore, typical spot and slowing pattern here. highway 4 through antioch, slowing there. heading over the water, san
5:55 am
mateo bridge, nice view. the taillights moving away from us is moving smoothly. we see a truck moving smoothly across the span. a lot of moisture in the area, you may need to use the windshield wipers, but you can see the high rise. visibility fine on the bridge. closer to the water, watch that. you can see the lights across the bridge, but again you might need the wipers for the north bay. kris and brent, we will send it back to you with a pleasant start to the commute. more cars out there. >> checking in with the forecast as you go out, some folks might see mist or drizzle out there, eventually a nice day on tap. >> that's right. mike was right, watch out for that drizzle. use the windshield wipers. in a couple hours it will be different. a typical morning of the last two or three. today will be warming up. it will be warm in the south bay. by the weekend we will be looking at summer time temperatures. by the time we get to this
5:56 am
afternoon for the giants game, the weather will be warming up as well. right now, 52 in san francisco. 58 in oakland. as the day goes on, things will be warming up. there's a bit of a breeze out there. nothing too crazy. winds not too strong at all. mainly below 10 miles per hour. above that it gets windy. our air quality today throughout the bay area is very good. so if you're thinking about doing any activities outside, you have great air that you will be able to breathe and not worry about pollution. let's look as the morning goes on, 8:00, mid 50s in most areas, getting up to 60. by lunch time those numbers will have jumped up 10 degrees or so getting to the end of the day and our highs, looking at the higher 70s and 80s in some areas. we might be getting towards 80 at livermore and fairfield. san jose will be getting warm, our high today probably about six or seven degrees warmer than
5:57 am
yesterday. let's look at our seven-day forecast. today is one of the lowest numbers on the board. it will be in the 90s by the weekend, especially the inland areas. the coast, as always, in the 60s. even those numbers are going up as we get through the weekend and into next week. it's finally becoming summer time. back to you. you could say he's a swede with the need for speed. a 37-year-old swedish man was pulled over after blowing by a speed trap at a stunning, get this, 180 miles per hour. >> no way. >> police took his $250,000 sports car and driver's license away. the suspect that been released but the car is still impounded until there's a trial. he could face a fine of more than $900,000. that's going fast. that's crazy. >> that's a lot of money for a speeding ticket. >> that's indy car. $900,000? i thought maybe a couple dollars for every mile an hour that he's going. i don't know. >> reckless endangerment. who knows what the charges will
5:58 am
be. crazy for lady gaga. >> are you really? >> some people are. they have a dedication in her honor in the south bay because she will be performing in the bay area soon. >> santa clara approves a new muslim praying tower. find out what could happen in the next week that could hold it up. \ s 9new s
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